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Homer: Lousy minor setback! This world sucks! (Turns on radio.)
Radio Announcer: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the under-padding?
Homer: I hate them so much!

Bart: Why does Danger Dog mean more to me than school or church?
Geoff Jenkins: Because those things suck!

Skinner: Here to tell you about his job is Bart's friend’s dad.

Stan Lee: Hold it son. Wouldn't you rather have an exciting action figure?
Database: Ahh, but Batman only fits in my Batmobile.
Stan Lee: Ha-are you nuts? The Thing fits in there perfectly. (Stuffs The Thing into the Batmobile.) Look he's fitting right now.
Database: Ahh! You broke my Batmobile!
Stan Lee: Broke or made it better? (hums Spider Man theme while re-arranging comic books)

Stan Lee: Now hold on Comic Book Guy, this boy is still finding his voice.
Bart: So you’re saying I should keep trying?
Stan Lee: Absolutely, and if you fail, you can always open a comic book store.
Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee insulted me! But in Bizarro World, that means he likes me.

Stan Lee: Greetings, true believers. [places X-Men comic over a Superman comic]
Comic Book Guy: Oh! Ooh, my heart is pounding like Thor's hammer on Dr. Doom's titanium-infused face plate!
Stan Lee: Hey, aren't you the guy who was stalking Lynda Carter?
Comic Book Guy: The term is courting. Restraining order says no-no, but her eyes say yes-yes. [while stroking a Wonder Woman action figure]

Bart: Stan Lee came back?
Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee never left. I'm starting to think his mind is no longer in mint condition.

Homer: (As the Incredible Hulk) RAHHHHHHH! HOMER MAD!!! (Breaks down fence.) RAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Bart: Thank God his pants stayed on.

Lisa: Bart, this is just Dad.
Bart: Ah, it's a composite character. Your dad, my dad, a little of Maggie's dad...
Lisa: No, it's just Dad.

[At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in the cartoon]
Angry Dad: This job sure is easy. Now to press this button.
[He presses a red button and the cooling towers explode in a giant cloud]
Angry Dad: NOT AGAIN!!!!
[A cartoon version of Mr. Burns shows up]
Cartoon Mr. Burns: [Voiced by Bart in a deeper voice] Angry Dad, you're fired.
[Angry Dad's head soon explodes and shows a similar cloud]

[Witnessing the rampaging Homer being held down by the police]
Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk! I'm the Hulk! (growls and tears up his shirt in an attempt to "Hulk out")
[Comic Book Guy comes out of the shop, embarrassed at Stan]
Comic Book Guy: Oh, please. You couldn't even change into Bill Bixby.
Stan Lee: Come on, dammit, change! (strains some more) Ah, forget it. (strains a little more, before giving up, dejected) I really did it once!
Comic Book Guy: Yes, yes. I just wish you had the power to leave my store.
[Comic Book Guy takes Stan back inside; Stan grunts one more time]
Comic Book Guy: Almost had it there.

[Homer is recuperating from his rampage at the hospital]
Marge: (angrily) Bart, your prank cost $10 million in damages!
Bart: (dejected) I know, I'm sorry.
Hibbert: Sorry for what? Saving your father's life? (the Simpsons family are confused) It's true. (shows the boils on Homer's neck) You see, these boils on Homer's neck are pent-up rage. If Bart's trap hadn't set him off, the anger would've overwhelmed his nervous system.
Marge: You mean I shouldn't punish Bart at all?
Hibbert: Why, if anything.... he should punish you.
Marge: Hmmm...... okay......

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