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  • In Springfield Elementary School, the fire alarm tone is a bell. Most schools in the United States do not use bells for fire alarms. They usually use a buzzer or a high-pitched beeping tone, and some modern schools use a voice-evacuation message over a speaker system. However, bells for fire alarms are more commonly found in Canada.
  • Angry Dad was brought back in Season 22's "Angry Dad: The Movie".
  • The last time Homer had green on him and went mad was in Bart the Genius. This was also the last time a Simpson's whole body goes green after an accident.
  • Bart's elaborate traps combines both traps he learned from the Junior Campers in Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood. These traps were also used on Homer.
  • Bart says "don't make me do a clip show" referring to the previous episode Gump Roast (which would be the final clip show of the series).  
  • Homer, when he sees a drunken stegosaurus tipsily walking right into a tar pit, says "I've been there, man", referring to the events of "Bart Gets an Elephant", when Homer got trapped in a tar pit.
  • The song about Noah's ark that is sung by Ned Flanders in preparation for choir was previously sung by Flanders when he was trying to convince Homer to return to Christianity in "Homer the Heretic".
  • The car Homer almost runs into on the freeway has a license plate reading "DABF13", which is this episode's production code.
  • In this episode we learn that Dolph Starbeam (also known as Dolph Shapiro) has two dads - and they both have anger issues.
  • This episode marks the television debut of Homer's When Bongos Collide! alter-ego, The Ingestible Bulk.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to 1967 Swedish film "I Am Curious (Yellow)", although the plot bears no resemblance.
  • BetterThanTV.com's output seems to be a parody of crude (in both animation and content) webtoon series pioneer Joe Cartoon.
    • This would make sense because The Simpsons Shorts used Crude.
  • Homer sings Donovan's “Mellow Yellow” when he tries to control his anger.
  • In "Danger Dog", Danger Dog says he has a date with "Sarah Jessica Barker" referring to Sarah Jessica Parker. The plot of the comic also references Underdog.
  • The show Homer is watching, "When Dinosaurs Get Drunk", is replaced with another called "The Boring World of Niels Bohr". The opening image is of the scientist himself, and an expanded version of the Bohr model of the atom.
  • Sailor Moon giggled at Homer's pain after hitting by paper, milk and piano.
  • The anthropomorphic animals in "Danger Dog" are reminiscent of those created by Scott Shaw, whose work has also appeared in the official Simpsons Comics from Bongo Comics.
  • Marge suggests that Bart's comic could be a rip-off of Little Dot.
  • When Homer “changes” into the Hulk, Bart says “Thank God his pants stayed on.” This refers to how the Hulk’s pants never rip off like the rest of his clothes, despite the increase in muscle mass.
  • There are many references to both DC Comics and Marvel Comics: Stan Lee hums Spider-Man's theme song while re-arranging comics, right after breaking Database's Batmobile by crushing the Thing into it; he then claims that he made it better.
    • This is Stan doing everything to promote Marvel Comics (which he used to run): the Thing and Spider-Man are Marvel properties, while the Batmobile is from DC Comics (as are, presumably, the comics he is putting to the back of the shelves).
  • When Better than TV goes into bankruptcy, Milhouse says, "Looks like the bubble burst", referring to the rise and fall of the dot.com industry.
  • "Danger Dog" lives in large red fire hydrant, a parody of Danger Mouse living in a pillar box.
  • One of BetterThanTV.com's cartoons is the series "Lou Rawls, Secret Agent", which features an animated Rawls in a trenchcoat trying to escape from a trap, singing "you'll never find... that microfilm of mine..."
  • Krusty when trying to schedule a new act to compete with Angry Dad ends up having the secretary mistaking his request for an animal be for Susan Anton instead of a lemur.


  • Maggie with a red bow

    In Springfield Hospital, Maggie's ribbon is red for a second.
  • Jessica Lovejoy has blond hair.
  • When Homer gets out of the cacti on the 'Trap' scene, he has 2 boils on his neck but just before he approaches the dirty diapers, they disappear.
  • At one stage, Bart and Milhouse are watching Angry Dad together when Homer runs in and starts choking Bart, and Milhouse jumps off the chair. But soon Milhouse is nowhere to be found in the rest of that scene.
  • Ralph Wiggum is shown in Bart's classroom when the kids are showing off their "Danger Dog" rip-offs, even though Ralph is a second grader. It's not uncommon for elementary schoolers to spend a portion of the day outside of their "homeroom."
  • When Homer points the ice cream sandwich at the TV and it gets on the screen, the TV is turned off.
  • The Nuclear Power Plant doesn't have its usual crow establish shot noise.
  • Homer isn't wearing his usual pink tie at work.
  • When Homer leaves the power plant after seeing the Angry Dad cartoon, the tires on his car don't get flat when he drives on the spikes at the exit.
  • Homer gets out of his car in Downtown Springfield then Moe drives it, crashes it into a streetlight and it catches on fire, but in the next scene his car is seen on the Simpsons‘ driveway undamaged.
  • Marge claims that Bart's prank caused $10 million in damages, but Homer didn't cause any sort of major property damage.

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