Brother from the Same Planet
I Love Lisa

Cultural References


  • It is revealed that Ralph is Chief Wiggum's son, for the first time (although Lisa did call Ralph by his last name in Kamp Krusty).
  • This episode was later used as a clip in Another Simpsons Clip Show when Lisa tells her story of love gone wrong.
  • Johnny (the soldier who got shot while writing a Valentine's Day card to his girlfriend) sounds like Jeremy Freedman (aka the Squeaky Voiced Teen).
  • Bart's off-color candy hearts read: "Luv Sux," "Prize Pig," "Kiss Off," and "Eat My Shorts".
  • Despite this episode airing in 1993, it actually takes place a year earlier due to Valentine's Day being on a weekday and Krusty having his 29th anniversary from 1963 (1992). As of February 19, 2019, it has actually been 56 years now since Krusty started his show.
  • This is the first episode to have a censor bleep meant to censor profanity (in this case, Sideshow Mel whacked out on wowie-sauce).
  • Lisa erases another kid's name on the card before re-signing and giving it to Ralph.
  • Lisa's romance with Ralph is referenced several times throughout the series.
  • Homer tells Chief Wiggum that the citizens will eventually stand up to the corrupt police officers. This would eventually happen in the episodes Homer the Vigilante and Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge.
  • According to Al Jean, the "I Choo-Choo-Choose you" card is an actual valentine's day card he got in third grade[1].


  • Ralph spills chocolate ice cream on Lisa's dress, and according to Chief Wiggum, nothing can get chocolate out, but later when Krusty is talking with Ralph on the audience, Lisa's dress is clean. Lisa could have found a way to get the chocolate out; after all, Chief Wiggum's judgements are often poor.
  • When Bart is pinpointing the second Ralph's heart broke in half, Ralph moves 10 times (10 frames) while Lisa moves only 5 times (5 frames). As they were in the same footage, they should have moved the same amount of frames.
  • A duck steals Chief Wiggum’s badge, but later when he pulled Homer over, his badge is on his uniform.


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