I like walk

I Love to Walk is a song sung mainly by Homer in the episode Brake My Wife, Please. It is a parody of the song "Talk to the Animals" from the 1967 movie Doctor Doolittle. The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Tim Long. It is the eighteenth track on the album The Simpsons: Testify.


Mornin', Homer. Looking good.
Yeah, walking's made a new man outta you.
It sure has. You see this bulge back here? Now it actually is a fanny pack! (grabs hold of it) No, wait it's still my ass. But your point is well taken. You see...
I like to walk down the avenue
Bust a move with Disco Stu.
Disco Stu:
You shake me from my booty
To my 'fro.
Yes, I strut down the boulevard,
Burning off my excess lard.
I rarely feel the need to utter "d'oh".
Top of the mornin', ladies.
Bite us.
I can walk from Springfield to Alaska,
Then hobknob with the stars in Malibu.
Steve Buscemi:
Hi, Homer, I'm actor Steve Buscemi.
The guy who got fed into the wood chipper in Fargo?!
And when I hear...
You can't walk to Turkmenistan.
I say, "Of course I can! Screw you!"
Steve Buscemi:
Hey, would you guys like tickets to the Independent Film Awards?
Would we?
Oh, I love to perambulate,
It's standing still I really hate.
So let me please reiterate:
I love to—
(gets hit by a car)
(Marge gasps)
Oh, my feet are inside me.
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