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I Want You (She's So Heavy)
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I Want You (She's So Heavy) is the sixteenth episode of Season 30.


When a romantic night ends in injury, Marge recovers by taking up kite boarding while Homer bonds with his hallucinated hernia. Lisa attempts to fix her parents' strained relationship by seeking advice from an unlikely source.


Marge and Homer are required to go to the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Night (DANK) at the Springfield Suites Convention Center, so they hired Shauna Chalmers to take care of the children, but her boyfriend Jimbo Jones sneaks into the house. Bored with the D.A.N.K. seminar slips away, but in the hall they are invited to sneak into the Springfield Wedding Exhibition with the labels of the Heffernens. Meanwhile, at home, Lisa and Maggie are traumatized by the horror movies that Jimbo is playing, while Bart is hypnotized by Jimbo and Shauna kissing. The children go for a walk, and the babysitters organize a party at home. Ned Flanders sees the children and prepares them for a cup of hot coconut milk. Back at the wedding exhibition, Homer and Marge, confused with the doctor and Mrs. Heffernen, are forced to improvise the opening speech of the exhibition, "Wedding Trends Next Year". Back home, Marge and Homer are happy for the time they spent together at the exhibition, but the atmosphere is almost sour when Homer finds that the house party is still in progress, so it clears supporters. Homer, still feeling romantic, tries to take Marge up. At the top, something breaks and they fall down the stairs. At the hospital, Marge has a sprained ankle and Homer discovers that he developed an inguinal hernia. Back at home, the side effects of the medication make him hallucinate his hernia, now called Wallace (Wallace Shawn), he speaks in the form of a small man. The next day, at Springfield Physical Therapy, Marge is trained by a New Zealand therapist named Nigel, who invites her to learn kitesurfing. Wallace, the hernia, convinces Homer to avoid exercising, as well as a trip to the beach with Marge, causing a break.

The next day, Marge is visibly disappointed when Homer uses her injury to take care of the children, she tells him to call Selma and Patty to help her. They, in turn, leave Homer in the woods while he sleeps. Meanwhile in the park, Lisa, without another couple to turn to, asks Jimbo and Shauna for advice, who tell her parents that they should find common interests. Back at home, Lisa convinces Homer to take the children to the beach for her "school project," while Maggie, who can see and hear Wallace, slaps the lively hernia. On the beach, Homer recoils from the excess weight of Chief Wiggum and decides to join the kitesurf of Marge, where they reconcile, but the wind blows their kites in a wind farm where they receive new injuries.

At the Springfield Police Station, Marge discovers from Chief Wiggum that Nigel is really a Russian spy named Dimitri, who was trying to spy on the Springfield nuclear power plant where Homer works. Wiggum and federal agents arrest Dimitri.

In the epilogue, a trailer for a spy movie called "Mission: Simposible" that also stars Wallace the hernia as a pastiche of the theme of Mission: Impossible that is played during the trailer.


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