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Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)
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"Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)" is the seventh episode of Season 18 (originally going to be the last episode of Season 17 in production order).


Homer gets a job as an ice cream seller and Marge uses the ice creams sticks to make sculptures of people in Springfield and becomes famous.


Homer is fired from the Nuclear Power Plant for ignoring Mr. Burns and chasing after an ice cream truck. When Homer catches up, he chats with the driver Max, who reveals that Homer is his best customer. Homer buys a Popsicle and asks for change from a hundred-dollar bill. As Max dispenses the change, one quarter at a time, he suffers a heart attack and then dies for working himself to death, to Homer's horror.

At the funeral, Max's widow tells Homer to have the ice cream truck, having no need for it herself. Homer hires Otto to pimp out the van whilst he gets dressed in uniform in a style that parodies "Da Ali G show". Homer then goes out to sell ice cream and forces a lactose intolerant boy to eat an ice cream as Homer claims that America is not a country of intolerance. The boy tells Homer to call the number on his medical bracelet, but Homer just mocks him for wearing a bracelet.

Meanwhile, Marge is watching "Opal", a talk show. A guest on the show convinces Marge to leave her "Lega-she". Realizing she hasn't done many tasks in her life, Marge is depressed. After Homer leaves a pile of sticky Popsicle sticks on the table, Marge fashions them into a sculpture of Maggie. With something to do, Marge begins making sculptures of everyone in Springfield with leftover sticks given to her by Homer.

Ice Cream of Margie

The next day, the Rich Texan expresses interest in Marge's artwork and wishes to finance a show. Marge agrees. as Homer goes out to sell some more Ice cream, Marge stops him and asks that he be at the show for support. Homer agrees and heads off. On his rounds, Homer comes across "Divorced Dad's Visitation Jamboree" picnic. Homer is kept busy most of the day until somebody mentions that it is 3:00, the time of Marge's show. Homer races back home, driving down the side of a hill to escape traffic. The van loses control (except for the Squeaky Voiced Teen who is a safari guy with an owl and a bear) and tears through most of Marge's sculptures, finally smashing into a tree. Marge is furious and says that Homer couldn't stand that she was a success, Homer says it was an accident, but she refuses to believe him, adding that he "doesn't care about anyone's happiness but his own." Homer spends most of the night stood by the bedroom door trying to convince her that he is sorry. He eventually falls asleep and wakes the next day to find out that Marge is gone and left Grandpa to look after the kids, who has been staring at a picture of the trio the entire time. Homer eventually finds Marge a the top city hall and thinks she is about to commit suicide. Marge then explains she is not there to jump and goes on to reveal a huge statue of Homer with pants. Marge has realized that her "Lega-she" is actually a "Lega-we". Homer then asks where she put all the ice cream that was on the sticks she used. Marge says, "In that dumpster over there". Homer dives in and starts eating, until Marge calls out, "Not that one".


Marge's masterpiece

Ssi 5 The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

Two hundred years later, the statue still stands, an example of the last understood art before the fall of Western civilization. We then find out that giant iPods have enslaved humanity, whipping humans with headphones for a hobby.


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