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In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is a 1968 rock song by Iron Butterfly. In "Bart Sells His Soul", Bart passes out this song in church as a hymn entitled "In the Garden of Eden," with composer credit given to "I. Ron Butterfly". In real life, the song was written by Doug Ingle. The actual song is over 15 minutes long. It is part of the thirty-fourth track on the album Songs in the Key of Springfield. It is also played on the radio in the Kwik-E-Mart during Stark Raving Dad.


Hymns here! I got hymns here! Get 'em while they're holy, straight from God's brain to your mouth! (laughs evilly)
Reverend Lovejoy:
And now, please rise for our opening hymn, uhhh, "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly.
(organist plays opening riff)
In the garden of Eden, honey!
Doncha know that I love you?
In the garden of Eden, baby,
Doncha know that I'll always be true.
(Bart laughs evilly)
Hey, Marge, remember when we used to make out to this hymn?
(Marge giggles and then shushes Homer.)
(organist plays until the congregation comes back in)
Oh, won't you come with me-hee-hee
And take my hand-a-and?
Oh, won't you come with me-hee-hee
Reverend Lovejoy:
Wait a minute, this sounds like rock and/or roll! (beach ball bounces off his head)
And walk this land?
(congregants start raising candles into the air)
(organist plays the rest of the 17-minute song until she faints on the keyboards)
Reverend Lovejoy:
I know one of you is responsible for this. So repeat after me: "If I withhold the truth, may I go straight to Hell, where I will eat naught but burning hot coals and drink naught but burning hot cola...
[close up on a scared Ralph] "...where fiery demons will crush me in the back..."
[close up on a casual Bart] "...where my soul will be chopped into confetti, strewn upon a parade of murderers and single mothers..."
[close up on a nervous Milhouse] "...where my tongue will be torn out by ravenous birds."
(bird shrieks through window)
Bart did it! That Bart right there!
Reverend Lovejoy:
Milhouse, you did the right thing. Bart, come with me for punishment. You, too, Snitchy. (Milhouse gasps)
I want you to clean every one of these organ pipes that you have befouled with your popular music.
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