The Old Man and the Lisa
In Marge We Trust
Homer's Enemy


  • The "Fruity Oaty Bars" commercial in the 2005 film Serenity was inspired by the "Mr. Sparkle" commercial.
  • In the "The Itchy & Scratchy Show" shown in the episode, Itchy stretches the stethoscope to a French nuclear testing site, which is a reference to the French nuclear test in French Polynesia in January 1996.
  • The Scream Flanders Makes is reused in The Simpsons Game.

Lenny with the wrong hair color


  • In the church crowd scene towards the beginning of the episode, Lenny has gray-brown hair instead of his usual dark brown hair.
  • Sarah Wiggum's blue hair

    A few shots after the former error, Sarah Wiggum has blue hair.
  • And a few shots after THAT, Martin Prince, Sr. has sunglasses instead of clear glasses.
  • Martin Smith, Sr. with sunglasses

    In the closeup of Rev. Lovejoy putting up the next church topic, the board is much bigger and empty.
  • The blue rectangle on the back of the Mr. Sparkle box changes size significantly throughout the scene when Homer first picks it up.
  • The ends of the phone are missing

    When Marge is talking to Moe on the phone, the flat circles at each end of Marge's phone briefly disappear.
  • Dr. Hibbert's daughter with yellow skin

    Dr. Hibbert's daughter is among the churchgoers seen attempting to ask Marge questions. However, in said scene, she has yellow skin.
  • Wiggum with gray-blue hair

    When Reverend Lovejoy gives his "sermon" about his experience at the zoo, Chief Wiggum can be seen from the back with a gray-blue color of hair usually used only for the elderly.
  • When Flanders is being circled by the Bullies on mini bikes in the Leftorium the left handed roadster is in the background but he sold it to Burns unless he had 2 of only 3 ever made.
  • Rev. Lovejoy's rear fender is grey when they pull up to Donny's Discount Gas but in the next shot it is red like the rest of the car(which also looks like it could be the third left handed roadster).

Cultural references

  • The name is based off the motto on American money, 'In God We Trust'.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy episode title 'Deaf Comedy Blam' is a play on Def Jam Comedy

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