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Gone Maggie Gone
In the Name of the Grandfather
Wedding for Disaster
(After Homer opens a shipping crate)
Grampa: Moe?! You shipped yourself here?
Moe: No, it's how you fly coach on Delta now.

Irish Policeman #1: So, it's a smoke-easy you're running then?
Homer: Uh-oh! (tries to flee with Grampa)
Irish Policeman #2: Toots! It's escaping you're thinking of then?
Homer: I can't tell if those are questions or statements!
Irish Policeman #1: So, it's our syntax you're criticizin' then?

Bart: A house and garden show?
(Bart, Lisa and Homer groan)
Bart: You told me we were going to a video game expo!
Lisa: You told me we were going to clean trash on the freeway!
Homer: You told me something but I wasn't listening!

(The whole family is in the hot tub)
Marge: I feel like we should get out.
Homer: Interesting proposal. And now, with a opposing point of view, bubbles!

Ned: Guys, could you cool your jets? Some of us are trying to sleep.
Homer: Why don't you join us, Flanders? Are you afraid to get your moustache wet?
Ned: Well, actually, yes.
Bart: Come on, Ned. Baptize your buns.

Lisa: Ireland is the leader in communication technologies in all of Europe.
Bart: In your face, Belgium!
Marge: Bart, if you hate Belgium so much, maybe I should take your Tin Tins away.
Bart: No, I'll be good!

Irish Nelson: I'm going to carve me initials in it! (Bart gulps) Har! Har!

Clancy Wiggum: (after he takes out his taser by mistake): This is Unit 19...

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