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All Mom ever said was my father was some pathetic clown, so I typed "pathetic clown" into a search engine and your name popped right up.
Sophie Krustofsky

"Insane Clown Poppy" is the third episode of Season 12 (originally going to be an episode of Season 11 in production order).


During an outdoor book fair, Krusty finds out he has a daughter--from a one-night stand, with a female soldier, who fought in the Gulf War--but loses her trust after gambling away her violin to Fat Tony, prompting Homer and Krusty to go and retrieve it.

Full Story


Homer and Bart fix things around the house using fireworks. They destroy Lisa's room on her birthday, so to help make it up to her, the family goes to a book fair, where Krusty is signing his new book. A little girl named Sophie is in line and she tells Krusty that she is his daughter. Krusty flashes back to his experiences during the Gulf War, where Krusty had meet Erin after trying to his tent during a sandstorm and accidentally stumbles into Erin's tent and the two make love. However, the next Erin suddenly realizes that she is late for her mission to assassinate Saddam Hussein. At the moment when Erin is about to shoot, Krusty runs up to her, which causes her to fail at shooting Saddam Hussein. Sophie's mother now hates Krusty, ever since he ruined her mission. Krusty tries spending time with Sophie at the beach, but they don't bond very well. He sees Homer interacting with his kids and gets some parenting advice from him.


Krusty gambles away Sophie's violin, which is something that means a lot to her, in a poker game with Fat Tony. She gets offended with Krusty, so he, along with Homer's help, tries to gain possession the violin. There is a big mafia summit at Fat Tony's place and Krusty manages to escape with the violin and a bunch of cash (although it was implied that he didn't even know that there was money in the real violin case when he took it), although not without inadvertently starting a gun fight amongst the various mafia members when they dropped most of the other cases (which contained Tommy guns) and had the contents discharge ammo. He wins back Sophie's love, who discovers that the case was also lined with money. Then Frankie the Squealer, Legs and Louie chase Homer for his role in the caper (and presumably for his role in tearing down their summit) by shooting at him, but Homer outruns them nevertheless.

Behind the Laughter


Originally, Homer was the one who was surprised to have a long-lost daughter, but this was changed to Krusty, to try and keep the episode canon, and not too far from reality.

Some sources suggested that Christopher Walken originally agreed to appear as himself. However, he demanded a lot more money than the producers were willing to pay. Instead, Jay Mohr did the voice of Walken.

In the end credits, Jay Mohr is actually credited with the voice of Christopher Walken, the credit says "Jay Mohr as Christopher Walken". This is the first time this has ever been done.

Deleted Scenes

There are two deleted scenes from this episode, which can be seen on the The Complete Twelfth Season DVD.

  1. Bart and the author of the "For Dummies" books where Bart tricks the author into thinking he is a bank and gives the man potato chips as money.
  2. After a day of father-daughter bonding, Krusty and Sophie have a short dialogue outside her apartment before her mother appears at the door.


The episode received negative reviews from critics. DVD Movie Guide gave the episode a negative review saying "After two pretty good shows, Season 12 encounters mediocrity with “Poppy”. At no point does the program become poor, but it just lacks many real laughs. Outside of some amusing book fair cameos, this one fails to deliver much zing, and it tends to drag."


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