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Devil be out!
―Irish Priest

Irish Priest was mainly in the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII first segment called The Exor-Sis.


When Maggie gets possessed by Pazuzu, Homer and Marge call the Irish Priest over to perform an exorcism on Maggie. He tells the Simpsons to cut her loose, to which Homer asks, “Are you sure?” The Irish Priest says, “If you can’t trust a catholic priest with a child, who can you trust?” When Maggie is cut loose, she floats to the ceiling. The Priest then says, “Devil be out!” Maggie then floats back down into her bed, but the Priest says that Pazuzu is still among them. Bart is possessed by Pazuzu, who says Bart’s soul is the darkest soul he had ever seen. The Simpsons called him when they realized they could not have received any help from Reverend Lovejoy, because he was not taught exorcism at Pepperdine.


  • He was voiced by guest star Ben Daniels, who is also in The Exorcist, the movie being parodied.
  • The character is Irish, despite the actor being British.