Dr. Irving Zitsofsky is the owner and tattoo removal specialist of Dr. Zitsofsky's Dermatology Clinic, who first appeared briefly in Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. Marge takes Bart to him there after Bart gets a tattoo (which was halfway finished due to Marge's shock at Bart for getting a tattoo without permission) at The Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlor. Dr. Irving Zitsofsky charges a high fee that Marge pays with all of their Christmas money, and uses a Q-switched laser to remove Bart's tattoo. He later appeared In Black Widower, where he was giving an injection to Sideshow Bob after Bob won an Emmy award. Dr. Irving Zitsofsky recently appeared in Coming to Homerica, where he's in the mob of people against the Ogdenvilians, but he's hard to see here. His last name is possibly an allusion to 'zits off'.


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