Last Tap Dance in Springfield
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
Behind the Laughter
Marge: Becky, I am so sorry I accused you of trying to kill me and steal my family.
Becky: Hey, no biggie. I was going to kill you. I even thought of a place to bury you. Then I didn't have a shovel, so I went to the hardware store, and they had six different kinds, and I was just like, "Later!"

Bart: The kids are saying if you say "Bloody Margie" five times, she'll appear. But then she gouges your eyes out!
Homer: I hear she mates with men, then eats them!

Homer: What are these things in the mashed potatoes?
Becky: That's the skins. I left them on.
Marge: Nobody's perfect, let me just pick thos…
Homer: No! Oh, Becky, your potatoes are the best I've ever had! Oh, God!

Marge: I thought you said the law was powerless.
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, powerless to help you, not punish you.(He Picks Up an Ice Cream) Mmm. Earned my treat.

Bart: So, any words for the bride and groom?
Skinner: Not now, Bart! I'm trying to urinate.
Bart: You don't seem to be trying very hard.

Bart: Otto, a red traffic light means what?
Otto: No time for brainteasers. Today's the day I ask my girlfriend to take a ride on the matrimony pony!

Krusty: Now we got a special guest. She just flew in from the cuckoo's nest, and boy is she crazy! Crazy Marge Simpson!
A picture of Marge appears on the screen, with someone behind it (possibly Sideshow Mel)making the mouth move
Krusty: Heh Heh! Look at that!
Marge: (presumably Sideshow Mel's voice) Hello, Krusty!
Krusty: (laughs) Oh that's funny! So, Marge, who's your favourite Native American Warrior?
Marge: Crazy Horse! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! making cuckoo noises
Audience finds sketch unfunny as no kids are laughing
Krusty: Alright! Alright! Stop it! *sighs* This bit's dying. Let's go to the Mad Marge Dancers!
A group of people in strait-jackets and Marge Masks dance to the Saber Dance

Marge: Don't mess with me! I've got Jimmies! (throws jimmies in the eyes of ice cream employees)
Employee: I can only see a horrible rainbow!

Marge: I've been so unfair to Becky. Maybe I am insane. I mean, I am talking to myself.
Hans Moleman: (to Marge) You are? Oh, I thought I made a friend.

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