Last Tap Dance in Springfield
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
Behind the Laughter

Cultural References


  • One of the kids in the classroom says D'oh when he drops his camera.
  • Dr. Zweig (the therapist who helped Marge with her emotional problems) from "Fear of Flying" and Dr. Foster (the therapist who helped Ned with his anger problems from his past) from "Hurricane Neddy" both appear at Marge's insanity hearing.
  • This is the second time (first time being in "Mayored to the Mob") in which Homer knocks Marge unconscious.
  • The bar Juggernauts, which was mentioned earlier in "Pygmoelian", is mentioned by Kent Brockman in this episode and is seen briefly.
  • Becky is briefly seen in The Simpsons Movie: she witnesses Bart naked during his skateboard dare.
  • Marge was also impersonated on television in "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays".
  • Principal Skinner apparently doesn't know (or he doesn't even mind) that Bart records him going to the bathroom.
  • Marge cluelessly thinks that Lisa's vegetarianism is a phase, unaware that she's quit meat cold turkey.
  • Otto's parents were also mentioned in The Otto Show.
  • The last time Woodstock was seen in flashback occured in D'oh-in' in the Wind.
  • Lenny, Carl, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Sam, Larry, Agnes SKinner, Helen Lovejoy, Miss Hoover, and half the citizens didn't attend Otto's wedding.
  • During the scene where Marge's brakes are cut, the following real-life cars can be seen in the segment:
    • Acura NSX
    • BMW 3-Series
    • BMW Z3
    • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    • Porsche 911
    • Toyota Sienna
    • Volkswagen Samba


  • Nolips

    Becky without her lipstick

    Otto doesn't seem to have suffer any burns after being on fire and his clothes stay intact.
  • How did the police know Marge will show up at home?
  • In the last scene of the second act, as Marge is being arrested after confronting Becky, Becky isn't wearing lipstick.
  • When Mrs. Krabappel's classroom is first seen, the walls are pink instead of green.
  • Lisa was voluntarily offering Moe shrimp when he was leaving the wedding. Despite that when she became a vegetarian she tried to stop others from eating meat and even ruining Homer’s barbecue.
    • However, in that episode she ended up apologizing for her actions, so she may have decided to respect others' eating habits even if she doesn't approve of them personally.

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