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  • Itchy & Scratchy Land is mostly based on Disneyland, and several aspects of the park, such as the electric light parade, are parodied.[1]
  • The film Bart and Lisa watch is a reference to the The Walt Disney Story, while the name Parents Island is a reference to Pleasure Island, and a castle resembling Sleeping Beauty Castle is seen.
  • Euro-Itchy & Scratchy Land is a parody of Disneyland Paris, which at the time was a failing theme park known as Euro Disney.[1]
  • Scratchtasia is a reference to the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment of the Disney film Fantasia, with several shots and the music being exact parodies of the film.[1]
  • Pinnitchio is a parody of the Disney film Pinocchio.
Michael Crichton
  • The concept of a theme park's attractions turning on its guests parodies two of Crichton's works, with several direct references to each as well:
    • Several scenes, such as the helicopter ride as well as the logo visible on the side of the helicopter are based on the Crichton book and ensuing film Jurassic Park. Frink explaining that "elemental chaos theory" will lead to the robots turning evil is what Ian Malcolm says in the film about the dinosaurs.
    • Much of the episode is based on another Crichton story, Westworld, which is about a theme park in the near future which caters to the rich that has realistic androids in Westworld, Medievalworld, and Romanworld. Guests pay a lot of money in order to enact any fantasy they wish, which includes killing the male androids or having sex with the female androids. The androids start to malfunction and begin attacking guests and employees.[1][2] The Delos park in Westworld is also, like Itchy and Scratchy Land, referred to as a "theme park of the future." Similarly, when the helicopter pilot says "Where nothing can possiblay {sic} go wrong", this is reference to the tagline of Westworld seen on the movie posters, "Where nothing can possibly go worng {sic}." Furthermore, the concept of the Itchy and Scratchy robots having special sensors to ensure they can't harm humans mirrors the heat sensor guns in Westworld, as does Homer taunting a robot, failing to realise that it is no longer harmless. The music as the robot group marches towards the Simpsons is based on music from Westworld.
  • Hans Moleman being attacked by predatory birds while in the phone booth is a spoof of the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds.[2]
  • Homer's Amish flashback recalls Peter Weir's 1985 film Witness.[3]
  • John Travolta's career slump is referenced with himself serving as the bartender at T. G. I. McScratchy's; he is dressed like his character from the film Saturday Night Fever.[3]
  • The robot's screen displays are similar to the Terminator.
  • Camera flashes disabling the robots is similar to the film Gremlins.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy title "Last Traction Hero" is a reference to the Last Action Hero as is Bart's line "with a dry, cool wit like that I could be an action hero." It is also the name of a Season 28 episode.
  • Disgruntled Goat is the Parody of Grumpy the Dwarf in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • A toy depicting an Itchy & and Scratchy and Friends character named "Klu Klux Klam" is a reference to the Ku Klux Klan, as well as the tendency for cartoons to add characters to boost sagging ratings.[2]
  • The Simpsons beam aboard the couch in the couch gag, just like Star Trek.[3]
  • The scene where Homer frightens the tourists on the beach while disguised as a shark is a reference to the movie Jaws (we can hear the shark theme in background).
  • The name of the restaurant "Tavern on the Scream" is a reference to the Tavern on the Green in New York's Central Park.
  • The name of the restaurant "T. G. I. McScratchy's" is a reference to the T. G. I. Friday's restaurant chain.


  • There is a sign that says "Freeway To Some Other State" on the highway, referring to Springfield's unknown location.
  • This episode is known for mentioning the "Bort" license plate. When Bart attempts to locate a license plate with his name on it in the gift shop, he is disappointed that the gift shop has "Bort" license plates but not "Bart" license plates. Eventually, the gift shop runs out of "Bort" license plates. In real life, motorists across the United States have applied for "Bort" license plates for their cars in their home states, and many states have issued a "Bort" license plate, thus referencing the line from this episode where the "Bort" license plates are unavailable.
  • Clips from this episode appear on the television monitors in the queue for The Simpsons Ride at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.


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