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"It's OK. That was Shelbyville." - Jack Bauer after a bomb exploded.

Jack Bauer is an American federal agent working for CTU.


Bart Simpson accidentally connects to his cell phone while contacting the school base for the mission (Bauer in particular intended to call Chloe O'Brian for schematics that were presumably related to his current mission). Bart quickly turns it into a prank call. He realizes when Chloe O'Brian tells him it is actually a prank. Bauer later turns up at the school to find Bart and bursts into the school gym. He had abandoned all other missions to track Bart down, causing Shelbyville to explode behind him.

Behind the Laughter

Jack Bauer is the main character in the television series 24. Although Jack is featured in this series, they are not in the same universe, as this episode is considered non-canon.


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