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Jack Deforest is a character who appears on the Season 27 episode, "The Burns Cage".


The Springfield Elementary School was making an audition for a Casablanca play. Lisa got the role of Ilsa, so Milhouse chose to audition as Rick so he and Lisa could be the show's main couple. However, Jack entered the audition and got Rick's role, with Milhouse getting an Understudy role.

Bart realized that only he and Milhouse auditioned for the main role, so if he was unable to perform the character, Milhouse would have to do it. They send the bullies to beat him, but their plan backfired as Jack defeated them. However, when Principal Skinner saw the fight he gave the main role from Jack to Milhouse, who was a terrible actor.

At the play, Milhouse was doing his role remarkably well, but when the play ended, it is revealed that Jack was pretending to be Milhouse playing Rick. He and Lisa then go out for drinks together.

Later on, he goes on a treasure-hunting adventure with Moe and Groundskeeper Willie, at one point being on a boat with Lisa.