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I have laryngitis and it hurts to talk. So I'll say one thing. You never do anything right.
―Jacqueline Bouvier[src]
(To Homer) You ruined my nap, just like you ruined my daughter’s life.
―Jacqueline Bouvier[src]

Jacqueline "Jackie" Ingrid Bouvier (née Gurney) (born 1909 in 1989; 1942 in 2022), occasionally referred to as Mrs. Bouvier or Grandma Bouvier, is the mother of Selma, Patty and Marge Bouvier, the daughter-in-law of Pépé Bouvier and Bambi Petitbois, the sister-in-law of Chester Bouvier, JoJo Bouvier, Uncle Arthur, Herman Bouvier and Charlene Bouvier, the maternal grandmother of Bart, Hugo (non-canon), Lisa, Maggie Simpson and Ling Bouvier and the mother-in-law of Homer Simpson, and the widow of the late Clancy Bouvier. She also had a sister named Gladys who died of a bowel obstruction.

She is age 80, born 1910.



Jacqueline used to live with her husband and their daughters in a house in Springfield, where she first met Homer when he pretended to be Marge's prom date.[4] Nowadays, she lives in the Hal Roach Apartments but was also seen living in a house near a lake when her family visited her on her 80th birthday.[5]

Common Bouvier Traits

Young Jacqueline Bouvier

Jacqueline shares many Bouvier family traits with her daughters. When Marge was a little girl, Jacqueline had a blue beehive hairdo like Marge's, and her voice was also very similar to Marge's as an adult. However, Jacqueline also has traits in common with Patty and Selma, including a pessimistic and critical outlook on life and rarely smiling. She used to smoke as well.[6] However, unlike Patty and Selma, Jacqueline seems to have stopped by now.

Like most of Marge's relatives (including Patty and Selma), Jacqueline has a generally negative opinion of Homer, but, usually, she does not express it as much as Marge's sisters. She once told Marge that Homer would end up in a mental institution one day.[7] She also told Homer never to call her "mom" again, although this may have meant she did not like the term, not necessarily that she did not like having Homer for a son-in-law.[8] Jacqueline's attitude towards Homer seems to have softened over the years; she even stated that "Patty and Selma are a sort of evil" when they purposely provoked Homer one night.[9]

Romantic Relationships

Jacqueline and Mr. Burns

Jacqueline was married to Clancy Bouvier, who is now deceased.[10][11] Jacqueline had a brief romance with Abraham Simpson, her son-in-law, Homer's father.[12] However, she broke up with him when she was wooed by billionaire Charles Montgomery Burns, whom she nearly married before Abraham's intervention made her decide she was better off alone; Abraham was delighted nevertheless and said "That's good enough for me!". However, Abraham and Burns are still seen battling for Jacqueline's affections at times.[13]

Behind the Laughter

Simpsons creator Matt Groening named Jacqueline after Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. She has the tallest hair of all Simpsons characters. According to a DVD commentary, her appearance was created by "taking Marge's model and squashing it."


  • According to "The Marge-ian Chronicles", she had forbade Marge from marrying Homer. However, since this was a flashback. She was obviously unsuccessful in laying down her punishment for Marge.
  • In "Fear of Flying", it is revealed that she goes bean-picking with Lisa.
  • In "Mommie Beerest", when Marge wishes Homer would come with her to her mother's house, Homer declines as it‘s revealed that he hates Jacqueline. However, in "Puffless" he visits her along with the rest of the family and didn't appear to hate Jackie.


Most of Jacqueline's roles are brief, background appearances with little or no dialogue. The bold text indicates a larger role with a respective amount of dialogue.


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