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Jake's Unisex Barbershop is a barbershop in Springfield that often changes name. It is run by Jake who appears to be aging.


It first appeared in "Bart's Haircut" in the Tracey Ullman Shorts when Bart goes to get a haircut there and he is cut short.

It then reappears in "Simpson and Delilah" when Homer gets his haircut and in "22 Short Films About Springfield. when Lisa goes to get gum removed from her hair. The most recent episode it appeared in was in "Lisa the Tree Hugger" where Bart goes to work there and is paid in hair.


The name of the barbershop changes very frequently.

  1. In "Bart's Haircut¿, it is called Snipper Cuts - Shaves (Shorts Season 2)
  2. In "Radio Bart" its name is changed to Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. (Season 3)
  3. In "Marge Be Not Proud", it is simply called Barber Shop. (Season 7)
  4. In "22 Short Films About Springfield" it's called Snippy Longstockings. (Season 7)
  5. And in "Lisa the Tree Hugger" its name changes back to Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. (Season 12)


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