Jacob T. "Jake" Boyman (aka Toilet) is an alias that Lisa used to join the boys' side of Springfield Elementary School. At the time, the school was split up into boys' and girls' halves.


As Jake, Lisa quickly picked up the nickname "Toilet", due to having toilet paper stuck to her shoe just after leaving the washroom. Although Jake initially had trouble fitting in with the other boys (and got beat up by Nelson), Bart helped him to become more accepted, after learning Jake's true identity. He (Jake) was forced to beat up Ralph in order to be like a boy, but apologised afterwards. Then, he found many friends at school, including the bullies.

Jake eventually won an award for his achievements in math. During the awards ceremony, when Jake went up on stage to accept the award, Lisa removed her disguise and revealed her true identity, saying that she had been Jake all along and shocking everyone by saying that the best math student in school was a girl.


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