Jake the Barber is a barber who works at Jake's Unisex Barbershop.


Jake is an elderly barber (He was a lot younger in his first appearance) and the proprietor of Jake's Unisex Barbershop, or previously named Snippy Longstockings Barbershop. He has proven to not be very good at what he does, as he main "Thank God It's Doomsday" Bart and Lisa imply that they do not like going to him because every time they come out of his shop they have the same mutant-like hair. Jake may also be somewhat deranged, as he pays Bart in human hair after employing him as an assistant in Lisa the Tree Hugger.

However he is not always bad,, as it is proven in “22 Short Films About Springfield”.

Behind the Laughter

Comedian Bob Elliott was the inspiration for Jake's voice.[1]



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