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This article is about James Taylor the musician and guest voice actor. For the character, please see James Taylor (character).

James Taylor is an American singer and songwriter. He plays guitar and is best known for his folk music songs.

Two of Taylor's most popular songs are "Fire and Rain," which reached #3 on the charts in 1970; and "You've Got a Friend," which was a #1 hit in 1971. After his successes of the 1970s, Taylor's career declined slightly and he nearly retired in the 1980s. However, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Taylor has made a successful comeback, during which he has recorded some of his best-selling and most-awarded albums.

Taylor is also known for collaborating extensively with fellow musicians Carly Simon, who is his former wife; and Carole King, who actually wrote and first recorded "You've Got a Friend".

On The Simpsons, Taylor appeared as himself in the episode "Deep Space Homer", singing for astronauts (including Homer) on a space shuttle mission.


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