Jay G is Mr. Burns's billionaire enemy who appeared in "The Great Phatsby".


Jay G is the owner of his own company, Golden Goose, and is a billionaire that lives in a huge mansion. He was originally from a criminal background, but after he stole a bus, he found the book The Rungs of Ruthlessness by Monty Burns. After reading and taking some of the book’s tips, he started up his Golden Goose empire, and worked his way up to his current billionaire status.

Jay G holds a party at his mansion, and when Homer and Mr. Burns try to crash it, they discover that he likes Burns because he is his role model. He then thanks Burns for making him become who he is. Later, Jay G brings Homer and Burns on his private plane, where he gives Burns a special credit card for his spending, much to Burns' delight. He then invites Burns (along with Homer who's tagging along with them) to buy luxury swag that cost lots of money, and slowly empties out his bank account.

Unfortunately, Burns finds his trouble much worse than he thought, making him broke as his card is declined. He finds out from Homer that Jay G was the one that conned him to bankruptcy, and breaks down into tears because of that. One of Jay G's companies, Golden Goose Repo Co, are finishing with the removal of all of Burns' possessions while Homer stands by his side when Burns' possies take off as well. When Jay G arrives, he takes away Burns' hounds, much to his shock.

Meanwhile, Jay G remodels the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as his own, and becomes the new owner of the plant while he feeds his pet goose, Goosius, Burns' fishes. When Homer arrives, Jay G forces Homer to remove all of Burns' stuff from his office into the trap door and offers him cobblers, but Homer goes to the Springfield Cemetery feeling remorse for his betrayal. There, he sees Burns and helps him try to find a way to get revenge on Jay G, but Bart arrives and has a plan: to destroy Jay G's reputation.

Later, at the concert to ruin Jay G, he appears and reveals that he bought Jazzy James, Praline, Snoop Dogg, RZA, and Common with money. Soon, Burns hatches a new plan, so he steals Goosius and have cooked it in order to bring down Jay G's empire, but Homer comes out with the goose, thus ruining the plan. While pursuing Goosius, Jay G and Burns hang on the chandelier, where Jay G reveals that he hatched his plan due to the words Burns wrote in his book and the desire to become ruthless like Burns. Unexpectedly, the chandelier breaks, but are saved by Smithers and the Canadians, whom helped him bring the ice to Jay G's mansion. After this experience, Jay G gives Burns his wealth and possessions back.

Jay G later appears in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a premium character that came with his mansion during the "The Great Phatsby" promotion.


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