Jay Sherman is a movie critic who was the main character of The Critic. In "A Star is Burns", he came to Springfield to be a judge during the film festival. In Hurricane Neddy, he was a patient at the Calmwood Mental Hospital. He also apparently became a regular patron to Moe's Tavern. Voiced by Jon Lovitz, Sherman was originally the main character on The Critic, which was created by Simpsons writers Al Jean and Mike Reiss. His character has been described as "balder than Siskel and fatter than Ebert". His appearance in "A Star is Burns" was a crossover to promote The Critic which made its FOX debut before the episode. The Critic was later canceled. Jay Sherman can burp very loudly, he mentioned that only one other person can belch as loudly as he can.


  • 2 Pulitzer Prizes
  • 5 Golden Globes
  • 1 Emmy Award
  • 1 People's Choice Award
  • 1 B'nai B'rith
  • Homer's burping trophy

Behind the Laughter

His appearance in Moe's Tavern, alongside Aristotle Amadopolis, Llewellyn Sinclair, and Professor Lombardo, in "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner" was an in-joke as they were all voiced by Jon Lovitz in addition to Artie Ziff.


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