Jellyfish is a song from the episode A Star Is Born-Again. The music is by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Brian Kelley. It is the fifteenth track on the album The Simpsons: Testify.


along you came
And right away I'm stung.
Sweet words I long to whisper
But you've paralyzed my tounge...
Oh, what a magical evening. The moonlight, the music, the water—
Enough talk! Dip me, my love! Lower. Lower! Lower!
Seymour Skinner:
Mmm, this is as romantic as the night I proposed.
Edna Krabappel:
Maybe we can have this band play at our wedding.
Seymour Skinner:
I was kinda hoping we could use this audio cassette.
Edna Krabappel:
Seymour, we've got to have a band!
Seymour Skinner:
Fine, but no cake.
Chief Wiggum:
Sarah, you're as lovely as the day I first arrested you.
Sarah Wiggum:
*Laughs* Oh, Clancy! Ha!
Chief Wiggum:

You know I planted that crystal meth just to meet you. I was so shy.

Ned Flanders:
(sighs) Well, Sea Captain, looks like you and I are sailing solo tonight.
Sea Captain:
Arrgh you hitting on me? Cuz I don't do dat...on land.
Ned Flanders:
Well, guess I might as well be headin' back to my store. Have a date with some twins: State and Federal Tax Forms.
Poor Ned. This is his first Jellyfish Festival alone.
I know and it doesn't get any easier from here. There's the Tongue-Kissing Festival, Cinco de Ocho, the Hobo Oscars, days just made for lovers. Not widowers...lovers.

End credits version

This version is not on the album.

I held you close
And said that I loved you.
But then the ocean took you back,
My Jelly, I'll miss you.
For now, I just hold goo.
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