Jenny is a young girl Bart briefly fell in love with in the episode "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly."


Bart first met her after seeing her volunteer at the Springfield Retirement Castle. She was a Christian and prayed to God at school. At first she thought Bart was a nice guy, but then she dumped him when Bart admitted his bad side to her when Milhouse began to jeopardize their relationship without her knowledge. Bart and Jenny have not spoken since. Jenny is about 11 years old, as she is in the fifth grade.[2] She reappeared in Moonshine River, Bart goes to her to ask for another chance, but she angrily says "eat my shorts" and slams the door on him.


Jenny is an allusion to Bart's previous crushes. She is older than Bart, like Laura Powers and Darcy, but she isn't a teenager. Bart also had to hide his bad side from her, just like what he did temporarily with Jessica Lovejoy. Additionally, she put a strain on Bart and Milhouse's friendship, just like Greta Wolfcastle did; however, Jenny wasn't aware of it as she continued to date Bart, while Greta went out with Milhouse only to get back at Bart when he dumped her. In addition, she is also similar in appearance to Samantha, a girl who Milhouse briefly dated, and whom also unknowingly jeopardized Bart and Milhouse's friendship. Similarly, one of them also did something very cruel to break them up (Bart reported their date to Samantha's father, and Milhouse forced Bart to admit his bad side to Jenny).


Notes and References

  1. Jenny is in the fifth grade
  2. The Good, the Sad and the Drugly
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