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Marge, since you’re by yourself, would you like to borrow one of my twins?
―Jerri Mackleberry[src]

Jerri Mackleberry[1][2] is the mother of the twins Sherri and Terri. She looks very similar to them, but she wears glasses. Her appearance in the 1991 Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars commercial is different from that in the series as she does not wear glasses and has her hair styled in a similar fashion to that of her daughters. She has one voiced appearance in "The Daughter Also Rises," although it is unknown who voiced her. She is whiter and less yellow than her daughters.

Behind the Laughter

Jerri appeared in the 1991 Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars commercial, before she was officially introduced to the series.


  • Sherri and Terri's last name was finally revealed in the new episode Yellow Subterfuge, written on Principal Skinner's list of students. Therefore, their mother and father's last name is also Mackleberry, although their first names still have never been mentioned.
  • "Jerri" is listed as her name on Script View on Simpsons World.[1]
  • During Treehouse of Horror XXVII, her name is mentioned to be Mary Mackleberry, however, just like everything on the Treehouse of Horror universe, this information is considered to be non-canon.




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