Jerry Springer was the host of The Jerry Springer Show. In Treehouse of Horror IX, when the Simpsons, Kang and Kodos come on his show and try to settle Maggie's baby daddy drama at Bart's suggestion (as according to him, he's the only one capable of settling an argument as bizarre as their current drama). In the episode, every aspect of his show is parodied, right down to the unsupportive audience and the random bleeps placed in at certain points. He also cut the episode quite short after Kang killed off the entire audience with a disintegration ray (mostly due to both an audience member telling him to "learn [Kang's] green ass some responsibility" and Springer telling him off for the aforementioned action), and ended up killed himself by a combination of Maggie biting him in the arm (causing him to swear a storm in response to Maggie's actions to him) and being throttled by Kang and Homer.


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