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I'm a level-five vegan. I won't eat anything that casts a shadow.
―Jesse Grass

Jesse Grass is the teenage leader of a club called Dirt First, which protests against things that are harmful to the environment, like the Krusty Burger.

He was thrown in jail for his protests. He is a level five vegan, meaning that he refuses to eat anything that casts a shadow.

He, Dirt First, and Lisa try to save Springfield's oldest redwood. Lisa develops a crush on him and he's upset when Lisa's thought to be dead.

He is then taken to jail after he cuts a Lisa-land tree-sign and inadvertently demolishes much of the Business district, both to the horror and joy of the Rich Texan (for the destruction of the Omni-Pave building and the destruction of Hemp City, respectively).


  • Despite his stance as a Level Five Vegan, he and his fellow Dirt First members seemed to enjoy Hemp, as they were particularly horrified when their attempt at removing the log ended up destroying Hemp City.