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Jessica Simpson is a famous singer and actress and is the possible cousin of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.


After opening Bart's present, Homer said that opening another would be like following the London Philharmonic with Jessica Simpson. In the Springfield Grocery Store, Lisa picks up a copy of Peephole magazine to see what "cousin Jessica" is up to.


  • The reference to Jessica Simpson is a joking nod to the real-life singer that shares their surname. However, Lisa may have not actually meant that Jessica really is their cousin.
    • In actuality, the real Jessica Simpson has expressed interest in an appearance on the show where she is related to Homer.
  • Abe could be her paternal grandfather. Herbert doesn't have a kid (and if he would have one, it's last name will be "Powell" since Herbert was adopted by Powell family), but it is possible that Abbey does, though it is not clear if she bears the Simpson surname.
    • It could also be the case that she is a second-cousin of the Simpson children, and the granddaughter of any one of Abe's siblings, such as Hubert or Bill.