Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo is a character seen in Moe's Tavern when Homer Simpson seeks advice from Barney Gumble, Moe Szyslak and the other barflies about his infatuation with Mindy Simmons, his co-worker at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Simpson and Delilah 47

Joey Jo-Jo's first appearance.

Joey Jo-Jo first appears in "Simpson and Delilah as one of the attendees of Mr. Burns' board room meeting. Burns declares Joey Jo-Jo to be someone he had promoted who is in touch with their fellow workers, only for Joey Jo-Jo to say, "I think you mean him, sir," and point to Homer.

Joey Jo-Jo next appears in "The Last Temptation of Homer", when Homer visits Moe's Tavern for advice. Rather than straightforwardly admitting to being attracted to Mindy, Homer attempts to bring up the subject delicately, claiming that a friend of his, "Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo", has been having trouble with a female co-worker. A man sitting alone at the end of the bar looks up, appearing to be interested. Moe, seeing through Homer's charade, says "That's the worst name I ever heard." The man at the end of the bar runs out the door, crying. Barney calls after him "Hey! Joey Jo-Jo!" in an attempt to apologize for Moe's unintentional slight. Then Homer just admits his problem: "Oh, what the hell, it's me!"

The last known appearance is in the episode "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" when Bart enters a painting exhibition and offers money for some painting just for bothering, and then another man does the same.


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