Judge Dowd is a judge at the Juvenile Court.


After Bart glued Krusty the Clown masks to the faces of teachers at Springfield Elementary School, Bart was on trial at the Juvenile Court where Judge Dowd presided over his case. Dowd had brought his son, Wyatt, in because he was divorced and didn't have a babysitter. Bart then told him a story of when he raised a turtle by himself to try and form a bond with Dowd. When Judge Dowd goes to read Bart's file, Bart tells him that he's done it all and the judge will have to either fry or free him. Judge Dowd then went to hand a suspended sentence to Bart, but Marge objected, saying that Bart needed to be punished. Judge Dowd then sentenced Bart to 28 days at Tomorrow's New Horizons Rehab Center.

After that his son Wyatt bangs the gavel instead of his father.


Fears of a Clown

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