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Marge becomes a TV judge after she humiliates Bart when he is disrupting the former judge's courtroom. Lisa becomes intrigued by an evil monocle.

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Lisa is diagnosed with "overachiever's eye" and doesn't know what to do about her sight, so Homer phones up a live show with Dr Nick and he talks some doctor secrets before being dragged off. Homer fixes the problem by swiping Flanders' glasses and giving them to Lisa, although she doesn't like them cause when she wears them, everything is sugary. In the meantime, Flanders tries to drive him, Rod and Todd to church but lands at a Krishna church where they get shaved and learn about the Krishna religion to Ned's naivety thinking Rev Lovejoy is doing new things. He causes a crash with Principal SKinner and he is forced to write out "I am a bad driver" and with the TV judge Julie in a Mexican prison with Krusty, Skinner is doing a TV show as judge to everyone's amazement except for Agnes.

Skinner's first case deals with Snake and busts him by revealing he is in a calendar with muscle bound car stealers. He is sentenced to be hit with dodgeballs from everyone he robbed, the papers say he's a success, Agnes doesn't. He does another case but Bart interrupts him and Marge forces Bart to apologize by showing the camera baby photos of him until Bart gives in. Lindsay Neagle is impressed and offers Marge Skinner's job, Marge isn't sure cause all 5 of the SImpsons have been jailed twice except for Maggie who got away with shooting Mr Burns. Lindsay likes the angle and Skinner is forced out. Marge does well with Dr Colossius by getting his mom to tsk tsk him for his crimes and he confesses.

Meanwhile, Lisa actually gets a monocle courtesy of Grampa who swiped it from Warner Klempfer of Hogan's Heroes and she learns she can use her power to get what she wants. However, she soon thinks about what she accomplished and how its tainted her, she throws away the monocle but not before Grampa says that the Warner Klempfer fan club is offering him 25 thousand dollars for the monocle.

Marge's TV judge duties have the house up in shambles as per usual when Marge gets a job cause Homer and Bart are too lazy to do anything about it. Judge Snyder is hired to be the SImpson house judge and forces Homer to wear a tracking bracelet. The family does convince Marge to give up her judge duties but not before Homer gets repeatedly shocked by his bracelet.


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