The Bob Next Door
Judge Me Tender
Elementary School Musical
Lisa: Mr. Flanders, how did you make these amazing fish?
Ned Flanders: Actually, God made some fish that were pretty close to these so naturally we selected those for further breeding.
Lisa: So that natural selection was the origin of this species?
Flanders: Yep, that's exactly--[laughs] You almost got me.
[Fish grows legs, crawls out of the water, and starts breathing air]
Flanders: Not on my watch. [pushes it back into water]

Simon Cowell: How do you like LA?
Moe: It's a hell of a city. It's like someone stepped on New York and scraped it off on the beach.

Homer: You never fail to nauseate me boy.
Bart: Just call me Barf Simpson.
Homer: I wanted to, but your mother said kids might tease you.

Mr. Burns: He's the meanest man in town.
Dr. Hibbert: Nasty.
Sideshow Mel: Uncouth!
Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney: We hate you!
Disco Stu: So does Stu! Edit that so it rhymes with something.
Ralph Wiggum: He's a [says a series of cuss words all beeped out]

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