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Kamala is a female Rigellian from the planet Rigel 7 and is the daughter of Kang and an unnamed Rigellian.


After Bart had got trapped inside a banana plant, she rescued him. They mated and Kamala got pregnant. Kang and his wife took her to the current Rigellian queen to get the Hillarium which would get her through the birthing process. However before they could do so, the human forces attacked and a vicious battle was fought and the very nature of Rigellian forest beat the armed forces. Kamala said that if they had just asked, the Rigellians would have just given the humans their Hillarium.

Behind the Laughter

Kamala is a parody of Neytiri, a female Na'vi that Jake Sully falls in love with in the 2009 film Avatar.

The name Kamala (meaning lotus, nelumbo nucifera) refers to one of the two "feral girls" from India allegedly raised by wolves.

She is so far the only female Rigellian to have a female voice, since Kodos is sometimes referred to as male and has a male voice.