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Cultural References

  • The name of this episode is a reference to its prequel, Kamp Krusty, from Season 4.
  • One of the children seen exiting the Kamp Krusty bus has the voice and mannerisms of late comedian Rodney Dangerfield who voiced Larry Burns in "Burns, Baby Burns."
  • During the beginning of the episode, in Bart's treehouse, Homer makes the Tarzan yell, which is a reference to the famous sound effect of the same name, and instead of using it for Homer's Tarzan yell, Dan Castellaneta, Homer's voice actor, did the yell in his Homer voice.
  • Chief Wiggum and Lou approaching the treehouse where Homer and Marge are in causing their drinks to shake and Wiggum and Lou making loud stomping noises is a reference to Jurassic Park, and some scenes of the film has loud stomping noises that causes drinks to shake just like in this scene from the episode.
  • Lisa makes a reference to The Parent Trap, where she mentions that Kamp Krusty shows that movie every night.
  • In The Itchy & Scratchy Show episode, "Dancing with the Scars":
    • The title of the episode is a parody of Dancing with the Stars.
    • The hosts' names, Tomcat Bergeron and Allycat Deeley, are references to the Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron and Cat Deeley, who hosts So You Think You Can Dance.
    • Itchy and Scratchy perform the Sabre Dance while the famous song of the same name plays in the background, which is a reference to both the Sabre Dance, a popular type of dancing, and the song of the same name.
    • After Itchy is done throwing the knives at Scratchy, he pulls out a Buffalo Sabres player and throws it at Scratchy. The Buffalo Sabres are a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York, and the word "Sabres" in the team's name is a reference to the Sabre Dance and the Sabre Dance song, because the word "Sabre" is in the dance and song's name, and the plural noun, "Sabres", is in the team's name.
  • Lenny references Aquaman and the Phoenix while watching Homer reading the nuclear manual with Carl and talking to him about Homer.
  • Half-Dozen Flags is a parody of Six Flags.
  • The Grunions Ride is a parody of the Universal Studios ride, "Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem", and features characters who are a parody of the Minions from said ride and the Despicable Me film franchise.
  • Homer references the Duomo and Microsoft.
  • The kids at the Kids Klub in Klub Krusty sing "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?", a sing along and game of children's music, with assistance from the teacher, before Chief Wiggum arrives and arrests two of the kids while claiming that they sang said song during a group activity.
  • Sideshow Mel and other people at Kamp Krusty did a play of The Phantom of the Opera. This is a reference to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name from 1986 and the French novel of the same name by Gaston Leroux.
  • The songs one of the Mini Homers in his brain plays are "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber (his best known composition, and one of the most famous compositions in music history), "Boléro" by French composer Maurice Ravel (his most famous musical composition, and one of the most famous compositions in music history), and the "First Call" (a famous bugle call which signals as a warning that personnel will prepare to assemble for a formation, and has three distinct meanings; one for a U.S. military installation, one for ships of the US Navy, and one for a horse race/dog race).
  • Many plot elements reference the film Don't Look Now. (Spoilers for the film follow) In the opening of the film a young girl dies of drowning. She is associated with a red jacket. Her father is haunted by sightings what appears to be a young girl wearing the same red jacket. When he finally confronts this figure in the gruesome finale of the film it turns out to be a dwarf woman, who cuts his throat and kills him.
  • During the end credits to the episode, Kevin Michael Richardson, a recurring guest voice actor for the show, sings a cover version of Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe".


  • This is so far the second sequel announced for Season 28. The first was The Great Phatsby: Part Two.
  • This episode takes place after Kamp Krusty, and the plot to this episode takes place after the end of Kamp Krusty's plot.
  • In real life terms, this episode takes place 24 years, five months, one week, and three days after Kamp Krusty, or 8,928 days after Kamp Krusty.
  • At one point in the episode, after Bart declares, "Now I’m glad everything’s alright," there is a message that appears on screen saying "And it will be. Until "Kamp Krustiest," Season 52." It is currently unknown if the show will actually reach 52 seasons. If it does, then "Kamp Krustiest" is one of the episodes in that season. If it doesn't, however, then "Kamp Krustiest" will neither happen nor exist in the show.
  • Homer previously mentioned masturbation in The Father, The Son and the Holy Guest Star.


  • Vladimir Putin flying on a horse during this episode's title screen gag is a reference to his appearance in the short, Homer Votes 2016.
  • This episode is a sequel to the season 4 episode, "Kamp Krusty", and during the beginning of this episode, when the Kamp Krusty postcard is seen during the flashback, Kamp Krusty is seen in its destroyed state, like in "Kamp Krusty". Later in the episode, in the present, the Simpsons return to it, but because of Krusty cutting his losses to extricate himself from Kamp Krusty (where there was very little or no hope for improvement of the camp during the events of "Kamp Krusty"), it was completely renovated into an adult retreat known as Klub Krusty due to Krusty partnering up with a company that renovated the camp.
  • The first line of "Hail to Thee, Kamp Krusty" is sung by the children in Kamp Krusty during the footage of the camp getting destroyed.


  • Luann Van Houten is depicted with her current character design, even though she's not supposed to look like that until the events of A Milhouse Divided in Season 8.
  • Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph are seen pushing a Tiki Totem pole over at Kamp Krusty but in the original Kamp Krusty episode they were counselors and Kent Brockman would later state that "Three counselors are missing and presumed scared".
  • Actually at the time this episode was set The Parent Trap hadn't premiere yet unless it was the 1961 film.

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