Private Karl Edward "Eddie" Olsen (born July 27th, 1927) is or was the older brother of Mona Simpson, the maternal uncle of Homer Simpson, the uncle-in-law of Marge Simpson (nee Bouvier), the brother-in-law of Abraham Simpson II, the grandson of Jordan Olsen and Linda Olsen, and also the paternal granduncle of Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson. It's unclear if he is deceased or alive if he's alive he is in his early 90's. But it's possible that he is deceased as he's not seen at his sister's funeral[3]. Homer called him when he was 11 years old to wish him a happy birthday[4]. He has a son named Bernie Olsen (born 1954). He fought in the Vietnam War against his sister's wishes he is deaf in his left ear after a grenade blast ruptured his eardrum causing permanent hearing loss.



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