Karl Wiedergott has regularly played various voice roles on The Simpsons, beginning in 1998. Wiedergott is usually heard as minor one-time characters (often with only one line of dialogue), has imitated Bill Clinton and other celebrities in several episodes, and took over the role of Legs from Hank Azaria. He was also featured in The Simpsons Movie (as "man" and an EPA driver). He also briefly voiced Ned Flanders in Homer to the Max as part of a joke involving voice actors's low salaries and replacing them and yet they "don't sound different."

List of Scary Names for Karl Wiedergott

Karloff Bleed-her-gut

The Dwarf from Don't Look Now

The Lurker

Snarl Wiederghost

Karl Wiedergott Loves... The Super Furry Animals!

Priscilla, Jacqueline, Lilly, Debby... Um Mil Beijos, Su Karl

Karl Aloysos Treaton

Hot Tea!

Gnarl Killerbot

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