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Ken Krabappel is the unfaithful ex-husband of Edna Krabappel.


When Edna tried to seduce Lisa's substitute, Mr. Bergstrom, she told him that she was technically married, but since Ken Krabappel moved out of the old home that he and Edna lived in, it had not been much of a marriage.[1]

He was also shown to have a malicious nature, presumably on account of the divorce, as he covertly ruined Edna's car by pouring sugar into her gas tank which makes Edna complains to a car mechanic of a faulty engine. The mechanic remarks ""Sugar in the gas tank; your ex-husband strikes again."[2]

The reason why Ken got divorced with Edna is because he ran off with their marriage counselor while naked on a beach.[3]

After Edna showed her class the sex education film Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know What, Nelson asks her how come she doesn't live with Ken. Edna replied that she doesn't live with Ken because he "chased something small and fluffy down a rabbit hole", referring to Ken's unfaithfulness.[4]

In "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story", Edna states that Ken was "a drunk". While most of the episode was being related second-hand (or third-hand, fourth-hand, etc.), there is no evidence to assume that this information is not true.

When Ned and Edna are eating lunch together after he saved her from falling, Ned says that Edna is a former Mrs. (even though Edna is still technically married), and asks where is Ken buried. Edna replies that Ken is probably buried between the hooters of a coat check girl in Shelbyville.[5]

Behind the Laughter

In "The War of the Simpsons", several other couples that were attending the marriage retreat were cut from the episode's script including Mrs. Krabappel trying to reunite with her estranged husband named Ken. Ken Krabappel was supposed to be based on singer Dean Martin, but somehow he ended up with a southern accent that made him sound like a hick. The audio commentary also revealed that Edna's ex-husband's first name is Ken.[6]



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