Noooo! It was finger Ling-Ling good!
Homer Simpson[src]

Kentucky Fried Panda (KFP) is a fast food restaurant in Springfield that serves panda. It had the rather unfortunate honor of being destroyed twice. The first time was when the Lisa-land log tower collapsed and destroyed much of the town that was in its path, including the Kentucky Fried Panda (Homer Simpson was particularly upset about this). The second time was when the entirety of the Fast-Food Boulevard was destroyed as a result of a chain reaction caused by Homer when he threw away a leaky car battery and a lit match (which caused a gas leak from the battery juice and ignited the gas main, respectively).

Behind the Laughter

Its name was a parody of both Kentucky Fried Chicken & Panda Express. They closed down, but were not replaced with dispensaries.


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