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Kevin is a blind boy who is a student of Springfield Elementary School. He is in Audrey McConnell's fourth grade class.


When the two fourth grade classes are merged, he shares his desk with Nelson Muntz, who befriends him. While spending time with Kevin, Nelson is shown to be overly supportive and protective of him. When Bart falls off of the slide after Nikki rejects him, Nelson teaches Kevin how to laugh at him. After the ban is lifted, Kevin asks Nelson to let him feel his face so that he could see him through his fingers. While mistaking Nelson's face for something else, Nelson punches him, restoring his vision. Nelson praises Kevin after he uses his own trademark laugh against him.

Curiously, he is seen as a member of the audience attending Lisa's Black History Month PowerPoint presentation, which occurred before the No Hands Policy was briefly legalized, and therefore, before he was officially introduced.

Coincidentally, he resembles third-graders Kyle and Dakota, with the exception that the aforementioned has blond hair instead of brown hair.

When Nelson punches Kevin, he says "Nelson, your punch restored my vision! I can see again!", possibly hinting that Kevin could see at a prior time in his life. However, this could be simply a grammatical oversight.