Kid First Industries is a toy company run by Jim Hope.


The company purchased and privatized Springfield Elementary School, not to teach as that was what they were hired for, but to get ideas for a new toy for Christmas. Lisa Simpson discovered an observation room behind one of the classrooms (the blackboard being a one way window in disguise, and the room passing itself off as a broom closet), and finds a Funzo prototype. She tries to show it to Chief Wiggum and her parents, but the room was already converted back into a broom closet.

Bart and Lisa confronted Jim Hope and his advertisement executive Lindsey Naegle in the Kid First Industries secret headquarters, and they are forced to reveal the entire truth, but explains that the company was under great pressure to produce a hit toy, so they decided to use kids opinions to create their toy.

Later, Bart and Lisa found out that the doll is programmed to destroy other toys in order to eliminate the competition. With the help of Homer Simpson, they steal all the Funzos under the Christmas trees on Christmas Eve, and burned them all in the tire yard. It is unknown what happened to the company after this.

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