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Kill the Alligator and Run
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This article contains a controversy. We absolutely take no responsibility for any controversial topics (including this page). You are solely responsible by reading at your own risk. The reason given is: While critics gave mixed reviews, this episode of the eleventh season is considered the worst by many fans due to the musical guest, Kid Rock. The Simpsons family have also been arrested multiple times and banned in all states.

"Okay, non-smoker, add eight years, so according to this I'll live to be ... forty-two? Ohhh, that's horrible! I won't even live to see my children die!"
Homer Simpson

"Kill the Alligator and Run" is the nineteenth episode of Season 11.


The Simpsons are going on spring break in Florida to hopefully cure Homer of his insomnia-induced insanity and fear of dying caused by answering a magazine quiz...but find themselves on the run from the law for running down the town's mascot, Captain Jack.

Full Story[]


Homer gets a magazine in the mail that is loaded with personality tests, and he relentlessly quizzes his friends and family with them. Later on, he takes his own test (in the middle of the night), which determines how long he has left to live. Unfortunately, Homer's less than stellar health and eating habits add up to only three more years to live. Marge suggests a few lifestyle changes to make that number go up. Naturally, Homer is against that and has a mental breakdown, developing insomnia and losing his sanity. One evening while watching Charlie Rose he thinks he hears Charlie Rose say that he wants Homer dead. He almost causes the Power Plant to be closed down when he asks the safety inspector to hide him, wearing nothing but a burlap sack and holding a toy baby.

The plant's counselor recommends Homer go on a long vacation for quiet recuperation, so the family head off to a town in Florida. Unfortunately, when they arrive it is Spring Break, one of the loudest weeks of the year. Although Homer is cured of his death paranoia, he now has a new problem: running off to a Kid Rock concert on the beach when he should be resting. While Marge ties him to bed Homer manages to escape and head to the beach but becomes a nuisance at the party, annoying the audience, Joe C. and Kid Rock. Meanwhile Marge and the kids take a boat tour of the area and enjoy themselves. Marge soon learns about Homer's escape but he drops on the couch which she is pleased by. Homer wakes up the next day, with his insomnia gone, he rushes outside ready to party but spring break is over: The students are returning back to their studies. Homer tries to keep the party going, dragging the family along with him. He rents an airboat and they go through the swamp, while Homer is having fun, the kids are not enthusiastic. While riding Homer ends up running over the town's most famous resident, an alligator named Captain Jack. Despite the fact that Homer is the sole guilty culprit, the entire family is arrested for killing the alligator, since they were all on the boat.

They flee from the Sheriff and head for a railroad crossing just as a freight train is going by. Although Homer is able to dodge the train, their car is hit by an Amtrak train traveling in the opposite direction and pushed several miles down the tracks. The Simpsons end up being pushed down the track the whole night, after getting the family some breakfast from the dining car, Homer tells everyone the train s going to get them off the track. Seconds later they are pushed off and roll down the hill, totaling their car, Marge is furious that they are now fugitives from the law, have no car and Homer is the reason why. The Simpsons walk down the road to a secluded diner, and decide work there until the heat is off. They soon begin to enjoy their life in Florida and Homer even says, "Killing that Gator was the best thing that could have happened to us!" and the whole family agrees. Unfortunately, the family is soon tracked down and taken into custody by the sheriff. The family is sentenced to life imprisonment as well as forced labor. One night they attempt to escape before the family can be arrested again, Captain Jack appears - He wasn’t dead at all, he had only been stunned by the boat's impact. The family is acquitted but they are banned from entering Florida again. For their next trip, the family plans to go to North Dakota or Arizona as those are the only other states they are allowed in. They decide to finish off their trip in North Dakota since Homer complains that Arizona "smells funny".

Behind the Laughter[]


This episode was met with universally negative reception due to the guest appearance by Kid Rock and the nonsensical ending of the Simpsons being banned from every state in the United States (which could never happen), this further complicates theories on where Springfield is. It is often cited as one of the worst episodes of the show. In 2006, named this the worst episode in the history of the show. The Youtube series "WatchMojo" also has this episode on its list of the ten worst Simpsons episodes ever. Fans have even stated they wish for the events of this episode to be non-canon

As of this writing, "Kill the Alligator and Run" is near-universally panned, joining such other reviled episodes as "The Principal and the Pauper", "Lisa Goes Gaga", "Homer vs. Dignity", "Saddlesore Galactica", "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge", "Gump Roast", "Bart to the Future", "Every Man's Dream", and "Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy".


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