Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
Kill the Alligator and Run
Last Tap Dance in Springfield

Cultural References

  • The scene of the MTV's VJs glowing red gem in her hand which then led to her taken away for being too old by MTV's youth-obsessed standards is a likely reference to Logan's Run.
  • The courthouse the Simpsons are tried at is called "Six Toe County Courthouse".
  • The statue in front of the courthouse is holding the scales of justice in her right hand and a dog by the ears in her left hand.
  • Snake (or at least a look alike since you never truly see all of his face) is seen with the Simpsons on their road side prison detail.
  • The title is a pun on the song "Take The Money and Run" by Steve Miller Band. 
  • After Homer's quiz tells him he only has three years to live, Homer keeps muttering, "Can't sleep, gonna die!" This is a reference to the episode Lisa's First Word from seven seasons earlier, in which Bart famously muttered, "Can't sleep, clown will eat me!"


  • Homer's prison number is 1028.
  • The website named this episode as the worst episode ever.
  • Joe C. died 9 months after this episode aired due to celiac disease complications.
  • The license plate on the camper Velma provides for the Simpsons to stay in reads "BABF16," which is the episode's production number. At the time of the episode's airing, Florida did not use that numbering format; however, in 2010, Florida did introduce an ABCD12 format for (some) license plate numbers. There is probably a Florida license plate with the number BABF16 out there somewhere, but it has not been confirmed.


  • When the Simpsons drive through the train track to escape the sheriff, there is only one track shown and the car is lying on the driveway, after they are relieve they are then suddenly on another track before being hit by the other train.
  • When the sheriff sets fire around The Simpsons, a few moments later fire disappears. It may have gone out, especially seeing how there was unlikely anything that could have prolonged it on the ground.
  • In some FXX reruns, after the Simpsons car gets hit by the train, it then cuts to the conductor moving the car out of the way making the car fall to the dirt, and then goes to commercials, and then after commercials, the third act opens with the Simpsons wandering until they find a restaurant. In the original airings, after the train hits the Simpsons car, the act remains with the train moving the car until it blacks out to commercials. Then it opens with the deer in the background and the car still being pushed by the train.

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