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The Killer Krusty Doll was a toy that Homer bought as a birthday present for Bart.

In search of a last-minute birthday present for Bart, Homer wandered into a mysterious shop full of cursed items. Homer spotted the Krusty doll and figured that Bart would like it, so he bought it in spite of the shopkeeper's warning that the doll was evil. After Homer brought the doll home, it tried several times to kill him (initially unbeknownst to the rest of the family). Eventually Marge called the manufacturer for help, and a repairman came and found that the doll's Good/Evil switch was set to "Evil."

Tapped Out

After the repairman set the doll's switch to "Good," Homer treated the doll like a personal servant (to the point of having the doll scrub his back in the bathtub). The doll found its new existence to be a chore, but enjoyed living in Lisa's dollhouse and coming home at night to Malibu Stacy.

A Krusty Doll Figurine

Behind the Laughter

The Killer Krusty Doll is a parody of Talky Tina, the evil doll from the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll".

Krusty bearing sharp teeth and wielding sharp weapons are references to the third segment from the 1975 ABC Movie of the Week, Trilogy of Terror, starring Karen Black.

It could also be a parody of Chucky from the Child's Play movies where a doll tries to kill everyone in sight.