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Homer Being controlled by the Toupée

The Killer Toupée was Snake's hair after it came to life.


When Snake was executed for smoking in the Kwik-E-Mart claiming to be his third strike his body is taken to the Hospital to be carved up for organs. Dr. Nick then finds a donor for Homer's hair problem. When the operation was a success while Homer was sleeping the Hair took control over him and starts to take revenge on the witnesses Moe, Apu, and Bart. He drowns Apu in a squishee machine, killing Apu, although not before explicitly referencing Apu's role in sending Snake to the Electric Chair to his face. Later he pulls Moe's heart with a corkscrew, killing Moe. When Homer was about to kill Bart, Homer managed to stop himself and took the hair off. However, the hair ended up trying to resume its murderous vendetta against Bart by forcibly planting itself on Bart's face in an attempt to suffocate him (with Homer's attempt at beating it off him not helping due to his efforts harming Bart as well). The hair was later shot to death by the police after the toupee unwittingly cleared Homer's name by jumping off and trying to look for a means of escape upon his fingering it as the culprit, and ended up becoming a throwrug for Maggie.

Behind the Laughter

The Toupée's death is similar to Chucky's death in the original Child's Play.


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