King Kong (1933) is a monster movie directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack about a monstrous gorilla who is caught on an exotic island and then taken to New York where he breaks loose and creates havoc. The film has had a few sequels and remakes, including Peter Jackson's remake from 2005, and a movie called "Kong: Skull Island" set in the same universe as Godzilla (2014) that was released in 2017, with a battle Crossover set for 2020.

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Image Season Episode number Episode name Description
King Kong film 2 14 "Bart Gets an "F"" Homer and Bart watch an old black-and-white movie on TV called Gorilla the Conqueror, where a big gorilla terrorizes the city until being imprisoned in a cage.
King Homer2 4 64 "Treehouse of Horror III" The second segment "King Homer" is a parody of the entire film, with Homer as King Homer, Marge as Ann Darrow and Mr. Burns as Carl Denham. The segment is in black-and-white, just like the original movie. However, the segment ends up with a wedding of King Kong and Ann, in contrast with the original movie.
Monty Loch Ness 10 224 "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" When Mr. Burns brings Loch Ness Monster to America, the show with the monster is similar to the scene from the original movie where King Kong is exhibited. However, instead of the gorilla, it is Mr. Burns himself who causes chaos when he collapses thanks to the flashes of the photographers' cameras.
KongKing 16 341 "Midnight Rx" Homer imagines breaking into Canada by using King Kong to carry him and fight off planes.
KamperKong 16 348 "Mobile Homer" Kamper Kong is an advertisement at the RV shop.
Toot-Toot kidnaps Bart 17 370 "Bart Has Two Mommies" The scene where Toot-Toot carries Bart up the church steeple is a reference to a famous film moment where King Kong carries Ann Darrow up the Empire State Building.
TopTower 18 380 "Jazzy and the Pussycats" In the couch gag, King Homer kidnaps Marge from the couch and climbs with her up the Empire State Building while 1930s-style airplanes fly around them. The gag is in color and resembles Peter Jackson's remake from 2005.
Godzilla and King Kong 20 435 "Wedding for Disaster" While arguing, Homer calls Marge "Bridezilla" (combination of a bride and Godzilla) and Marge calls him "King Wrong" (combinations of King Kong and wrong). Maggie, watching their argue, imagines Marge as Margezilla and Homer as King Homer. The both then battle. Godzilla spits fire at King Kong and leaves. King Kong then starts drinking beer and reads a magazine Apes, turning back to Homer, who actually reads a magazine People.
How Munched Is that Birdie in the Window - alternate title screen 22 471 "How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?" In the online and UK version of the episode, King Homer climbs up the Empire State Building and grabs a flying crow in the title screen gag.
How Munched Is that Birdie in the Window - alternate title screen 24 523 "Black-eyed Please" In the title screen gag, King Homer climbs up the Empire State Building and grabs a flying crow.
Del toro simpsons A
15 652 "101 Mitigations" Guillermo del Toro mentions on a video that King Kong and Son of Kong are two of his favorite monsters.


Image Title Description
King Homer Deep Deep Trouble Deep, Deep Trouble Homer is seen as King Kong, standing on the Empire State Building
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