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King Leer
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"King Leer" is the sixteenth episode of Season 29.


Homer and Marge find out that Moe is having a big battle with his father Morty. The pair tries to reconnect their relationship.

Full Story

The family (except Maggie) is at the school, where Bart is there to play a new musical instrument. Bart proceeds to ask Dewey Largo that if he breaks it, Homer will have to pay for it.

From there on, Bart taunts Homer with the thought of smashing his violin. Homer goes berserk when Bart tosses it up in the air for Homer to catch, then Homer's beer mug breaks.

After this mishap, Homer finally goes to Moe's bar for a drink. Moe Szyslak gets called by someone, in which he gets ticked off at the anonymous person calling his name and chases the patrons out of his bar when he gets irritated at their asking for his identity.

Homer and Marge discover Moe leaving the bar when they agree to pursue him. They then discover Moe fighting with his father, Morty Szyslak. Marge and Homer try and attempt to reunite the family when they invite Moe, his brother Marv Szyslak, his sister Minnie Szyslak, and his father over for dinner.

Before dinner, it is revealed at one time Moe's family sold mattresses. Moe screwed it up when he was told by his father to sabotage their rival's store, in which Moe willingly abides. He then gets tricked by the store and they ultimately sabotage his family with bed bugs, ultimately leaving them down to three locations. Morty never tells Moe how disappointed he was with him, but lets know how but turn his bedroom into gym he never used.

At dinner, there is a hostile setting. Moe's family is not getting along together, then Marge and Homer proceed to bring a television into the dining room to show the Szyslaks about the good times they had in mattress commercials. After seeing them in a mattress commercial together advertising around Christmas time, they reunite. Morty gives Marv a key to a store, Minnie a key to a store, and ultimately, Moe a key to a store.

At Moe's store, the locals are gathered there. Moe shows them an advertisement for mattresses alongside Marv and Minnie in that commercial. He soon realizes that his brother and sister's intent was to sabotage him and make his store look bad by saying that people have deceased on his mattresses, including fat people and prisoners.

From there on, they get back at each other. Moe pops the tube man in front of one his rival's store, presumably his brother's or sister's store.

They then get back at Moe by controlling the up and down button outside of the store, crushing Hans Moleman repeatedly as he is trying out a mattress.

Moe then floods their store, flushing out the patrons that are in it.

Marv and Moe get into a sword fight, but they aren't swords, they are signs. Ultimately, Marv throws a sign at Moe before taking off.

Marge, after learning about all of this, goes to tell Moe's father that his children are fighting with each other, and she needs his help. At first he disagrees, but Marge tells him otherwise, and he leaves the store in which he is getting a new shirt.

Marge, Homer, and Moe's father then see Moe at the place where he and his father were fighting, Moe proceeds to tell everyone there that he will destroy his brother and sister's mattresses, and they can't destroy his, because his mattresses are in a secret place, which is ultimately just his bar. Marge tells him that some families don't belong together. He accidentally breaks the jar of bugs and they run out of the building terrified of having been infected by the bugs.


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