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King Toot's Music Store is Springfield's premier music store. It sells instruments of all kinds, and is located right next to Moe's Tavern.

Lisa got both her saxophones from the store. Homer got Lisa's saxophone reed from here for Lisa's recital, only to realize he turned up too late[1].

King Toot's was closed down in "Covercraft" after a feud between its owner and Moe, whose tavern is next to the shop. However, it reopened afterwards and appeared in "Mathlete's Feat".

Non Canon Appearances

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The store appeared in a story from Simpsons Comics in Bart Cops Out. In the comic, the store is robbed by Snake.


Note: The store appears in the background in almost every episode Moe's Tavern does; below is a list of episodes where the store makes an actual role.


The store cannot be seen in The Simpsons Game even through Moe's Tavern is present.