Klub Krusty is an adult recreational retreat built in the remains of Kamp Krusty.


Homer and Marge took Bart and Lisa back to Kamp Krusty to face their trauma again. When they got there, however, they found out that it has been converted into Klub Krusty, an adult retreat. Krusty cut his losses and partnered with a company that turned the old camp into a new adult recreational hangout.

Bart and Lisa eventually remember that they tried to escape Kamp Krusty with Charlie, who never made it. When they remembered this, they told Krusty. They eventually found out that Charlie was an adult and is now working as a masseuse in The Ha-Ha Spa.


  • Kids Klub, where the kids play while the adults have fun.
  • Mr. Teeny's Martinis
  • Sideshow Smell's Aroma Therapy
  • The Ha-Ha Spa
  • Business center


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